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Hi, thank you for visiting my site

As a visual storyteller weaving narratives through the lens, my photographic journey has been a tapestry of recognition, education, and creativity.


Having earned the title of a Belle France photography competition winner, my work has found a home in esteemed venues such as The New Art Exchange, The Harley Gallery in Nottinghamshire, and The London Photo Show. Internationally, my photographs have graced the walls of Les Comptoirs du Fleuve art gallery in Senegal, resonating across cultures and continents.


As a Photography Educator and a holder of an MA in Photography, I have delved deep into the art and craft of photography, sharing my knowledge and passion with others. My connection with photography goes beyond the captured moment; it is an ever-evolving dialogue between the seen and the unseen, the tangible and the intangible.


What sets my approach apart is the lack of premeditation. I am not a photographer who meticulously plans every shot; instead, I embrace spontaneity and serendipity. I allow the photographs I capture or stumble upon to guide me, serving as the raw materials from which I sculpt my art. These images, whether found or created, serve as my canvas. 


Being a Trustee and Associate of The Royal Photographic Society has not only been an honour but also a source of growth and interest. 


Through my lens, I invite viewers to embark on a visual journey where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary. My work speaks of the beauty found in spontaneity, the richness of diversity, and the universality of human experience.


Join me on this journey through the art of photography, where every click of the shutter unveils something new. Let us celebrate the power of the image, the art of seeing, and the magic of capturing fleeting moments.

Thank you again for your interest

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